Young to contest “horrendous” decision

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Swindon boxer Kelvin Young will demand an immediate rematch with Southern Area champion Jack Morris after he was controversially stopped by the referee late in the final round.

Young described the decision to stop the fight with just a minute remaining as “horrendous” and told Your Sport Swindon that he will appeal the decision with the British Boxing Board of Control first thing on Monday morning.

The former Penhill amateur star was returning to the ring for the first time since teaming up with new trainer Liam Wilkins and vowed to put in a career best performance against the dangerous Morris.

Having controlled most of the fight behind his jab, Young was en route to victory against Morris until he got caught by a big shot with little more than a minute remaining.

Despite hitting the canvas, Young returned to his feet quickly as he beat the count and got straight back on the front foot bidding to finish the round strongly.

However, with the fight set for a thrilling finish, the referee jumped in to pull Young out of the fight with just seconds remaining.

“It was a horrendous decision and at the end of the day we have been robbed,” said Young.

“He caught me on the top of the head and I went down but I jumped back up, I knew what was going on, took the count and knew I had to finish the rest of the fight strong.

“The referee had me winning when he put me down but I got straight up and got straight on the front foot back at him.

“If I was hurt he would have been all over me but he wasn’t. I got on the front foot back at him and then he threw another two big shots but I caught them on the gloves and then the referee stops the fight.

“I am definitely going to appeal the decision. My manager Keith Mayo is complaining to the board first thing on Monday morning.

“I think because I have been stopped before the referee has seen that and he was looking for an excuse to stop it.

“The referee had me winning, it was a championship fight and it should have been allowed go to the final bell.”

Despite his disappointment, Young said he was “ecstatic” with his overall performance and believes he is now “back to his peak”.

Young added: “I’m ecstatic with my performance. Nine weeks ago I was 14lbs over weight but I was bang on it for this camp. I’m staying in this kind of shape now and I want that rematch with Morris.

“I was controlling the fight with my jab. He did have a good sixth round but I worked through that and came back at him.

“I was back to my best, best to my peak again.

“I have shown in that performance that I am back at that level.

“Just remember Jack Morris went the distance in an English title in his last fight and I have just out boxed him and only lost because I have been robbed.

“Funny thing is that I went back out to see my fans after the fight and Morris was nowhere to be seen but his fans were and they told me they thought I was robbed and that I was winning, so that says it all really.

“He has got a mandatory but I am appealing to the board to demand an immediate rematch. Hopefully they see sense.”

Although Young only has sights on an immediate rematch with Morris, he admitted that if that doesn’t happen then he is prepared to fight light heavyweight rival Sam Smith.

Smith, who trains in Swindon with Paddy Fitzpatrick, has already called Young out prior to Saturday’s fight, adding that he does not rate his rival at all.

The Guildford-based boxer also fought on the same bill as Young, clinching a third professional win, and Young says he will happily fight him if he is denied his rematch against Morris.

“There’s people in Swindon calling me out and if the board don’t give me the rematch that I deserve then I’ll fight Sam Smith next no problem,” added Young. “If I don’t get the rematch then let’s get that fight on in Swindon. It would be a great fight for Swindon but the money has to be right for me.

“He won his fight but who has he fought in his three fights? He hasn’t proved himself yet.

“I am back to my best and Sam Smith can have it if he wants it. I don’t think he deserves a shot to be honest after just three fights but he is calling me out and if the money is right then let’s get it on in Swindon.”