Wozniak keeps his cool to lift World glory in Malta

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Swindon powerlifter David Wozniak picked up two trophies at the World Single Lifts Championship in Malta after winning both his categories in the unequipped and equipped benchpress.

The championships, which are affiliated to the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation, took place in extreme heat but Wozniak kept his cool to claim victory.

Looking to save his energy for the equipped contest, Wozniak only made one successful lift in the unequipped event after his effort of 160kg was enough to beat both Tobias Woesman from Germany and Niall Brady of Ireland.

Wozniak did attempt a personal best of 172.5kg but failed to lock it out.

The Swindon powerlifter then faced Ireland’s Michael Coleman in the equipped contest, which took place in 30 degree heat.

Wozniak managed to lift 202.5kg while Coleman failed on his last attempt at 197.5kg which sealed victory for the Swindon man.

Delighted with his performance, especially in the Maltese heat, Wozniak said: “I was drained and fatigued from the sun, so went for lifts that I knew I could do.

“I didn’t want to knacker myself out before the equipped lifting so I only made one lift in the unequipped event.

“I’m very happy with the result because I went on my own with no coach assistance and never lifted in hot weather conditions before.”

Wozniak’s next competition will be at the European Championships in Ireland in September and he added: “I’ll have to work hard as the Irish lads will be ready for revenge!”