VIDEO: Swindon Barbell Club

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Your Sport Swindon paid a visit to Swindon Barbell Club recently to find out why weightlifting and powerlifting is growing in popularity.

Swindon Barbell Club coaches Steve Bennett and Charlie Shotton-Gale talk to Your Sport Swindon about how their club continues to go from strength to strength.

Click on the video above to watch the interview with Bennett and Shotton-Gale.

Swindon Barbell Club offers coaching in two disciplines – weightlifting and powerlifting – and as well appealing to individuals, the club also offers training to numerous sports teams in the area.

Currently Swindon Barbell Club trains out of Kiss Gyms in Swindon town centre but they are hoping to secure new premises of their own in the near future.

Shotton-Gale is the 2014 British Powerlifting champion while Bennett is the British Olympic weightlifting head coach and both are excited about the future for Swindon Barbell Club.

“We are really reaching out to local sports teams,” explained Shotton-Gale. “I’m currently studying a Masters in strength and condition which is inherently involved in things like rugby, american football as far as hockey and football but you’ve also got the individual sports like tennis and squash so we are really reaching out to the amateur athletes that are based locally that want to improve in their sport by doing strength – ie weightlifting and powerlifting – and conditioning work alongside their sport then they will be able to improve humongously.”

Bennett added: “I think the important thing is that we are trying to do it as a non-profit organisation so that it is affordable for the average joe so that they are not expected to pay a lot of money. The skills we have got are very specialist and even most personal trainers and gyms cannot offer the level of instruction that we can give and to be able to do that at non-profit level could be a appealing to a lot of people and clubs.”

Swindon Barbell Club currently run two training nights a week with weightlifting training taking place on Thursday nights and powerlifting on Saturday mornings.

For more information visit their website or their Facebook page