VIDEO: Sport 4 Pinehurst 7 New Town Allstars 0

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Watch all the goals from Sport 4 Pinehurst’s 7-0 win against New Town Allstars in the Swindon & District League.

The goal was the sixth out of seven strikes which gave the Division One leaders a 7-0 win against New Town Allstars.

Click on the video below to watch these goals.

Swindon & District League Division One leaders Sport 4 Pinehurst won this match in convincing fashion.

Jonathan Peachey-Score and Aaron Welland both scored hat-tricks as Sport 4 Pinehurst eased to victory.

Peachey-Score grabbed the first goal before Welland doubled the lead.

The pair then both added another goal apiece before Welland hit Pinehurst’s fifth to secure a first-half hat-trick.

Lee Davis then hit a stunning sixth goal for Sport 4 Pinehurst before Peachey-Score rounded off the scoring as he notched his third goal.