VIDEO: Pinehurst v Trident

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Highlights from Pinehurst’s 54-39 victory against Trident in the South West Regional Netball League 2.

Watch the video below to see how the match unfolded:

Pinehurst started the game well, using effective linking play between joint players of the match WA Laura Barrat and GA Ellie Swatridge. Strong decisive passing created problems for the Trident defence and Pinehurst won the first quarter 19-7.

Trident found their stride in the second quarter with some clinical shooting and solid defence all through the court. The second quarter ending 32-18

Trident applied the pressure despite a steady Pinehurst defensive display and went onto win the third quarter by two goals, Pinehurst still ahead by 12, winning the third 42-30.

Pinehurst excelled in the fourth quarter with accurate shooting from Filippa Monello Kimber, partnered with GA Swatridge who between them shot an 80% average. A strong defensive pressure mid court to turnover the loose balls and convert ensured Pinehurst secured a convincing win.