VIDEO: Lawrence Bennett v Matty Askin

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Watch the bizarre ending to Lawrence Bennett’s English title challenge against Matty Askin at York Hall on Saturday night.

Having made a positive start against English champion Askin, Bennett’s title bid was over within seconds after a freak moment saw both boxers fall out of the ring.

The pair tangled awkwardly after Bennett eluded an Askin attack with both boxers crashing through the ropes and onto the table hosting the ring card girls.

As the referee tried to hold onto Bennett’s legs the ringside table then collapsed with both boxers crashing to the floor.

Bennett quickly returned to his feet but Askin remained floored and after a long delay was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Angry scenes followed as two members of the audience, believed to be Askin’s parents, tried to confront Bennett, who had returned to the ring expecting Askin’s return.

Once matters were calmed down, the contest was deemed a technical draw with less than four rounds completed, meaning Askin retained his title.

Your Sport Swindon spoke to paramedics at the scene of the fight who confirmed Askin had sustained no serious injuries and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

You can watch this bizarre incident by clicking on the video above.