VIDEO: Adver Cup finalists caught in a storm

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Adver Cup finalists Tawny Owl and Avtar Construction had to brave monsoon like weather during the final on Saturday.

Despite kicking off in glorious summer sunshine, a second-half delude of rain left both sets of players absolutely drenched.

You can watch a bit of this bizarre downpour by clicking on the video below.

Tawny Owl went on to win the match 3-2 although they needed extra-time.

Two Dave Slattery penalty strikes proved the difference for Tawny Owl but a superb penalty save by their keeper Darren Coleman with just five minutes of normal time remaining proved crucial.

Kenny Hawkins got Tawny Owl off to a fine start in the final before Avtar levelled just before the break.

Slattery then scored his first penalty in the second half before Avtar once again levelled.

Blaine Fitzgerald then had the glorious chance to grab Adver Cup victory when Avtar were awarded a penalty only for Coleman to save.

Tawny Owl stepped up their game in extra-time and once Slattery slotted them back in front, their name was always on the cup.