Swindon’s Shotton-Gale lifts all-time record bench press

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Swindon powerlifting star Charlie Shotton-Gale lifted an all-time British bench press record at the English Championships last weekend although her effort won’t be officially written into the history books because she was competing as a guest.

Although her bench press of 150kg won’t be recorded as an official record, it was the all-time greatest bench press by any British woman in competitive action across all weight classes.

Shotton-Gale’s bench press was 5kg greater than Kelly Phasey’s 145kg British record which was set earlier this year and marks her full return to form following a long-term neck injury which forced her out of action in 2015.

A delighted Shotton-Gale said: “Kelly (Phasey), who broke the record first, has a phenomenal bench and will always be improving.

“Although this achievement is great for now, I have such big targets still to hit and they will be continually changing.

“This is why I love what I do, I am always pushing myself to new milestones and records, continually getting excited for what’s around the corner and what I could do in the future”

Shotton-Gale will now turn her attentions to competing at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival in Barcelona which starts on September 23rd.

Following that event, Shotton-Gale will travel to the World Championships in Orlando, Florida in November.

Watch Shotton-Gale’s efforts at the British Championships by clicking on the video below.

As well as producing her stunning 150kg bench press at the English Championships, Shotton-Gale was also in form in the rest of her powerlifting events.

Shotton-Gale attempted a personal best squat of 222.5kg but was given two out of three red lights for depth and finished her lift on 200kg.

Onto the bench Shotton-Gale opened on 140kg before upping the weight to a new British record of 147.5kg, which she cleared.

Shotton-Gale then fired herself up to lift 150kg, resting on her chest and pressing successfully to the loudest roar of the weekend.

With little time to dwell on her success, Shotton-Gale had to refocus her attentions on her next event, the deadlift.

After smoothly pulling 190k, Shotton-Gale went up to 205k, dropping the second attempt because of a poor grip.

Moving onto her third attempt, Shotton-Gale held on tightly and achieved the weight.