Swindon’s Cox admits he got drawn into a messy fight

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Swindon boxer Jamie Cox admitted that he lost his discipline en route to a points victory against awkward Argentinian Martin Fidel Rios.

Cox was a 98-86 winner on the scorecards in Bolton but they didn’t tell the true story of what was an extremely messy affair which saw both boxers deducted two points.

Swindon’s Cox began in typical fashion as he looked to stop Rios in the opening round, just as he had done to his three previous opponents.

Rios though was able to spoil Cox’s work while the Swindon boxer adopted the unusual tactic of leading with his head into the Argentinian’s chest.

Having received numerous warnings already, Cox was deducted a point in round two before sending Rios to the canvas in round three.

Somehow Rios recovered and continued to withstand Cox’s offence, tying him up at every opportunity.

An accidental head clash in round five saw Cox suffer a cut to his left eye and as the messiness from both boxers continued, both were deducted a point in round eight.

Rios was deducted his second point in the ninth round leaving both boxers on their final warning.

Cox was able to tidy up his work a bit in the final two rounds to claim a convincing points success.

“I got dragged into a bit of messiness and John (Costello) tried to get me to box but I was getting drawn in so it’s my own fault.” Cox told Boxnation after the fight.

“I would say he was holding on a lot and I was doing my fair share.

“Fair do’s to him (Rios), we went the 10 rounds and onto the next one.

“He is a very tricky customer, behind those shoulder rolls and it makes it even worse when you haven’t boxed for 11 months.

“He’s from Argentina, that’s what they are like, messy, messy fighters.


“Normally we would do 100 rounds of sparring in a camp, we did 200 rounds of sparring, so it was a long camp, one show after another got cancelled and I was thinking was I ever going to be fighting.

“Onto a show that hasn’t got much atmosphere, I try to bring some excitement.

“It was good work for me and I got the rounds in that most probably people wanted to see.

“Fair credit to the Argentinian, he made it messy and tricky and did what he had to do. Hats off to him, my downfall was getting a bit messy, I’m a good boxer but I let it get messy because I wanted the knockout.”

Cox’ trainer John Costello admitted his boxer underperformed, adding: ” I just wanted Jamie to get back to his boxing. The kid (Rios) was cute, that’s what he came to do so you can’t knock the kid.

“Yeah he (Cox) underperformed and lost a lot of discipleline at times but he got 10 good rounds of it and I know what this kid can do.

“As soon as possible we want him back out.”