Swindon Town Ladies: Robertson previews Larkhall clash

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Swindon Town Ladies manager Steve Robertson insists the crunch match against Larkhall on Sunday is no different to any other game.

Robertson’s side are one of three teams tied at the top of South West Division One on 35 points although Swindon’s game in hand makes them slight title favourites on paper.

The Town Ladies boss however does not believe it is his side’s to lose but more a case of theirs to win.

“It’s the same as any other game really and we are obviously as confident as we would be going into any other game,” Robertson told Your Sport Swindon.

“No (it’s not ours to lose), I think it’s ours to win but that’s totally down to what we do really.

“It is no different to when we were chasing Larkhall at the top. We are still very much in the mindset of we’re trying to catch everyone else.

“We obviously had that backlog of games to catch up on and I know that on paper it looks like we just have win our games and it is job done but there is never ever anything that easy in life, let alone football.

“For me if any of the four teams that are challenging for it go unbeaten till the end of the season then they deserve to win it.

“That is our hope but realistically we are going to take each game as it comes and like we have been saying all season, if we are any where near it at the end then we’ll pat ourselves on the back.

Robertson will take a full squad to Larkhall on Sunday, with former Yeovil Town Ladies goalkeeper Vicky Wright replacing Robyn Levett, who misses the rest of the season because she has gone travelling.

Meg Vella could also make a shock but welcome return to the line-up with the club’s top scorer set to return from the army for Town’s final few matches.