Sponsor hails Workpl@ce Cup as a huge success

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Workpl@ce Cup sponsor Matt Titcombe talks to Your Sport Swindon’s George Moore following the successful event which concluded at Broome Manor on Sunday.

Titcombe was delighted to be able to give something back to the community by sponsoring the event and intends to do the same next year.

Click on the video below to watch this interview.


The big winners on the day, winning the workpl@ce cup were Freddie Titcombe (gross winner), Macklin Hawkins (nett winner), Katie Walls (girls winner), Sofia Escalante (Super Tigers winner) and Rowan Phillips (Tigers winner).

Winning the season long order of merits were Gracie Hayward (Cubs), Sofia Escalante (Super Tigers), Jack Mawer (Tigers), Katie Walls (Junior Girls) and Ben Wakeley (Junior Boys).