Shinsplints running for the homeless

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Your Sport Swindon’s Craig Punfield catches up with runners from Swindon Shinsplints who ran the Swindon 10K on Sunday.

Click on the video above to watch this interview.

One Shinsplints member Alan Butler organises an event called Runvember which sees over 150 people run every day in November in aid of Swindon Christmas Care.

Each runner donates at least one bag of food, clothing or toiletries as their entry fee which is then donated to the homeless and people less fortunate than most.

Butler explained more about Runvember, saying: “When I run my old brain just keeps thinking of different ways to help others through my running exploits.

“One way I came up with was to pledge to run 10 miles per day throughout November and from that came the name Runvember.

“So the challenge is to set yourself a minimum target to run everyday for 30 days through wind, rain, snow or shine.

“As well helping Christmas Care, it’s a way of encouraging people who wouldn’t normally run or do any form of exercise to try it and feel the buzz I get from being out running.

“When I run I often look around and think to myself I’ve just ran, say 20 miles and feel so proud and fulfilled that me, Alan Butler, who 13 years ago used to smoke 40 a day and got out of breath walking up the stairs can now run 20 miles without even thinking about it.

“Last Runvember I ran 760 miles in the 30 days this included a 140 mile week and 227 miles in my last week.

“Why Christmas Care? Well mainly because during last year’s challenge I used to frequently run through the town centre early in the morning and seeing the homeless guys in the doorways which made me think how lucky I am I to have a loving family and a good group of friends.

“For these guys it must be tough and my mission was then to try and make a difference to their lives.

“Last year I had 25 people join me in the challenge and it was just a fun thing. I never thought that I would get 150 plus people sign up this year.

“I’m totally gobsmacked by people’s generosity to this cause and hope next year is bigger again.”

Two Runvember events take place this weekend with Saturday’s Posh Frock Day leaving The Sun Inn at 9am while on Sunday at 9.45am there is a run around Coate Water.

For more information visit the Runvember Facebook page via this link