PSV Swindon match ends in farce

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The Swindon Sunday League match between Nationwide and PSV Swindon turned into farce last weekend after the referee abandoned proceedings with just eight minutes remaining.

PSV Swindon were winning the Division Four clash 2-0 when the man in the middle abandoned the match because of a bad challenge on their goalkeeper.

The referee’s decision to end the match with just minutes remaining was all the more bizarre bearing in mind there had no been a single caution in the game.

PSV Swindon manager Glyn Evans though admitted the match had been played in “bad spirit” although he remained surprised the game got abandoned with just minutes remaining.

“I’ve not had a game abandoned with just eight minutes remaining before,” said a bemused Evans.

“We did ask the referee to carry on but he clearly didn’t want to.

“It looked like Nationwide came with a game plan just to stop us from playing with lots of bad challenges coming against us from start to finish.

“The referee failed to control game and I was amazed there were no cautions or sending offs considering the challenges.

“Then the referee abandoned game on 82 mins after yet another bad challenge on our goalkeeper.

“There were too many silly challenges coming in and it did get out of hand but the referee really didn’t get on top of the game.

“I don’t like to see bookings but this game needed some to stop these challenges and for both teams to be able to play football.

“We always try to turn up and play football but it never happened and it was disappointing.”

Away from the controversy on the pitch, Chris Halliday and Alex Baker were on target for PSV Swindon in the 2-0 win.
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