POWERLIFTING: Bronze Medal for Beverley Rodgers in Europe

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Beverley Rodgers of Swindon Barbell Club has won a bronze medal in the European Masters Equipped Bench Press Championships.

Rodgers, competing only for the second time as an equipped bencher, was aiming for the British Bench record of 112.5k at -63k body weight.

She opened the competition with a modest 90k, successfully achieving it with ease before moving up to 95k, which was again a successful lift.

After a discussion with her two coaches Marc Giles and Dean Bowring, Rodgers changed out of her shirt in to a smaller, tighter one meaning she would have more support from the shirt during the first 2-4cm’s of press off of her chest, although it also meant the descent of the bar to her chest and the completion of the press would be far tougher than in the bigger shirt.

Rodgers went for the British record attempt, which would have also achieved Silver in the competition, and managed to press it. Sadly, it was not passed as successful and was given two red lights on technical points.

Although Rodgers was slightly disappointed she was failed on technicalities, she was delighted to achieve yet another international medal for her bench press.

“We call Bev our ‘Benching Queen’ because she has a natural talent, and a stunning bio-mechanical advantage to Bench Press,” Swindon Barbell Head Coach Charlie Shotton-Gale said.

“Bev has always been predisposed to a good bench but has been working on various aspects of her technical abilities as well as improving her core stability to improve her press.

“We all see that Bev is in for great things, even more than she has achieved thus far!

“We are all very proud of Bev and I look forward to coaching her at the British Bench Championships in January.”

Meanwhile, Saturday, October 15th saw Swindon Barbell’s inaugural novice powerlifting competition.

Swindon Barbell moved in to their new clubhouse in April 2016, and have rapidly been gaining in membership and local engagement since.

The novice competition was a chance for many of the members and other non-members to take part in a powerlifting competition in relaxed and welcoming surroundings.

Seven contestants battled it out through the squat, bench and deadlift to achieve their best attempt for each lift and a total. The competition was based on the Wilks points system allowing men and women to compete against each other.

Swindon Barbell’s own Joe Humphreys was the eventual winner with Lucy Fraser of Chippenham in second and Lara Elsey of Rugby in third.



1st: Joe Humphreys

2nd: Lucy Fraser

3rd: Lara Elsey

4th: Tony Humphreys

5th: Rob Smith

6th: Kacper Wozniack

Bench only

1st: Marc Waterman