PADDY’S SAY: “The best boxing trainers never stop learning”

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This week on Paddy’s Say we discuss what makes a good professional boxing trainer.

Swindon trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick believes the best boxing coaches are not necessarily the most successful or gifted fighters.

Fitzpatrick believes a good trainer will always be a good student, constantly listening and learning from others in the game.

The likes of legendary trainers Angelo Dundee and Emanuel Steward were in the corner for some of the greatest boxers of all time, yet neither one even laced a glove in the professional game.

Freddie Roach, for whom Fitzpatrick learnt so much during his time in America, had 40 wins as a professional but never fought for a world title.

Fitzpatrick also believes there are a lot trainers who never get the credit they deserve because the media prefer to single out the more mainstream coaches for recognition.

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