PADDY’S SAY: Flip flops, Groves & the super middleweight wildcard

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Paddy’s Say, our weekly chat with Swindon boxing trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick.

This week Paddy responds to some of the comments made by his previous boxer George Groves where he blamed the Swindon trainer for his world title defeat against Badou Jack last year.

Paddy talks about those “flip flops” that Groves accused him of taking pads in and also tells us exactly what instructions he delivered to his boxer on fight night.

With Groves fighting Andrea Di Luisa tonight, Paddy tells us whether or not he feels Groves can ever become world champion.

We discuss the super middleweight division and Paddy tells us who he believes is the best British boxer at that weight right now.

Paddy also talks about Swindon’s very own Jamie Cox and reveals who is his favourite super middleweight of all time.





Paddy Fitzpatrick teamed up with George Groves just six weeks prior to his world title fight against Carl Froch which took place in November 2013.

A controversial stoppage saw the fight end in defeat for Groves, who had put Froch on the canvas in the opening round and dominated the bout up until the ninth round.

Both Fitzpatrick and Groves appealed to the IBF about the decision and were granted a rematch which turned out to be one of the biggest British fights in history.

Froch-Groves II took place at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 people and again the Fitzpatrick boxer dominated the fight.

However, a momentary lapse in concentration in the eighth round saw Groves walk into a huge right hand from Froch which knocked the Londoner clean out.

Wins against Christopher Rebrasse and Denis Douglin saw Groves and Fitzpatrick land another shot at a world title, this time against Badou Jack in Las Vegas.

Groves however suffered a split decision defeat and parted company with Fitzpatrick soon after that fight.