International recognition for Swindon Top Kittens

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A host of players from Swindon Top Kittens have cause to celebrate after they all received international recognition.

Katie Reid, Jessica Sprules, Paige Breen, Charlotte Harris and Amelia McGinlay have been selected for the U16 girls Great Britain squad, while Annabelle Cuss has been invited to train with the Women’s U18s Great Britain team.

McGinley and Harris have also been selected for the Under 14 England girls team along with teammates Katie Edginton, Ellie Wallace and Mali Easton.

Caragh Nugent was also selected for the Under 14 squad but is unable to attend due to her continued recovery from a leg operation.

Top Kitten coach Angela Reid is delighted that so many players are being given an opportunity at international level.

“Katie and the other girls have all worked extremely hard during the trial process and should be very proud of what they have accomplished this season,” said Reid.

“With so many girls from Swindon gaining National and International honours is down to the great coaching and management at the Swindon Academy.”

Jessica Sprules added: “I am honoured to have been given this opportunity and to have received the coaching and support I have needed this season to succeed in the trials.

“I am eager to go to Sheffield and prove my worth during the training sessions.”

And a delighted Katie Reid added: “To train with the Great Britain squad is a great opportunity. I am thankful for all the support from my coaches at Swindon that have helped me from the very beginning.