Hillier’s on the ball for College Old Boys

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Swindon College Old Boys’ season has been given a new lease of life thanks to one of the town’s oldest family businesses, Hiller Funeral Service.

Old Town-based Hiller Funeral Service, which specialises as an independent funeral directors, will be the club’s principle match day sponsor for the next two seasons.

The agreement will see two of the town’s oldest brands join forces, with the Hillier logo emblazoned on the club’s match balls used at all club events.

Furthermore these match balls are the same ones used by various national teams throughout the Rugby World Cup 2015, the Gilbert Match XV.

Rebecca Hillier, who works alongside her father Mark Hillier, was the orchestrator of the deal, which is the first of its kind for both parties.

Swindon College Old Boys’ chairman Darren Astley was delighted to have secured such a significant backer to sit alongside this season’s other new sponsors including Pebley Beach and Smiles Dental.

“It’s a local company that is steeped in history in Swindon – that’s a big evolution for SCOB,” explained Astley.

“The very ethos of Hillier Funeral Service, wanting to offer the very best services, but on an individual level, is what we do on a weekly basis in training.

“The players, coaches and everyone put all their effort into looking to become the best team – something that stands out in Swindon area and, more importantly, the local community.”

Rebecca, who is married to Swindon College Old boys winger Matthew Finnegan, was flying high when announcing the deal.

“Matt and I have been involved with rugby as supporters at both a local and national level, and over the last couple of years we’ve come to love Swindon College Old Boys Rugby Club.”

“That relationship has evolved and I think the two organisations both share a culture of high performance and pursuit of excellence.

“It’s not a sponsorship in a normal sense. We don’t want to just shout our name, we want to give the boys something meaningful that will enhance their performance and that’s exactly what we are doing with the balls; we’re giving the players of Swindon College Old Boys the best balls possible to use when they are on the pitch.

“It’s not just for commercial gain at all – we’ve done it because we want to support something locally.

“We’ve tried various things in Swindon and they don’t always come off.

“Darren Astley and the current Swindon College Old Boys committee, armed with their infectious enthusiasm and tactical skill, are transforming the club.

“It has been a joy and inspiration to witness Swindon College Old Boys Rugby Club rapid regeneration and see the club’s ambitious expansion plans first-hand.

“We are backing a team that shares Hillier’s belief in where it can go and have fighting spirit in abundance.”