GALLERY: Karting Open Race Series, round three, race one

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View our gallery from round one of the Karting Open Race Series.

All of the pictures were taken by Your Sport Swindon photographer James Booth.

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Qualifying saw lap times constantly tumbling as the track and karts warmed up. Round one winner Mike Seabourne however stomped his way to pole position, with Stephen Islip and Andy Fryer completing the top three on the grid.
Seabourne quickly made a lead for himself keeping out of the first-turn melee.

Islip also dropped to fifth, which started a storming drive back up through the order. Islip, Fryer, Jeremy Woodward and Seb Francis were embroiled in a fantastic close battle.

Islip picked them off one by one to eventually take second place from Fryer.

Dominic King was next across the line, with ‘Dan’ making his way past Noel Bryant rounding out the order.

Seabourne recorded a fastest lap of 27.367 on his way to victory.

Result: 1st. Mike Seabourne, 2nd: Stephen Islip, 3rd: Andy Fryer, 4th: Seb Francis, 5th: Jeremy Woodward, 6th: Dominic King, 7th: Dan, 8th: Noel Bryant