Bronze for Swindon Barbell Club’s Wozniak at British Championships

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Swindon Barbell Club’s Dawid Wozniak has claimed bronze at the British Benchpress Championships in Lincolnshire.

Competing in the 105kg Seniors (23-40 years) category, Wozniak faced tough competition against 17 other rivals all vying for the title.

Weighing in a little light at 102.9kg, Wozniak opened his British Championship bid at 157.5kg and successfully made a solid opening lift.

Wozniak’s second attempt was at 162.5kg and once again he cleared the weight albeit not as easily as he had been in training.

With bronze already secured ahead of his third lift, coach Charlie Shotton-Gale opted to go for silver and raised the weight to 167.5kg.

Wozniak, unaware that he had already secured bronze, just failed to lock the lift as second place slipped from his grasp.

His immediate disappointment turned to celebration when coach Shotton-Gale revealed he had still won bronze.

“It was the best moment being able to tell this incredible competitor that at his first-ever National Championships he was going to walk away with the Bronze,” said Shotton-Gale.

A delighted Wozniak said: “I can’t believe it, it wasn’t expected at all.

“I came to this competition to do my best and make my family and teammates proud.

“I get to do that and walk away with the trophy. I’m so happy.”

As well as claiming bronze Wozniak, who has been a Swindon Barbell Club member since October 2015, will also represent Great Britain at the European Bench Press Championships in August 2017.

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Watch Wozniak’s bronze medal winning lift below.