American Football

Swindon Storm are one of the leading American Football teams in the South West and our cameras are always pitch side to cover their games. Our coverage includes exciting video highlights, stacked picture galleries, exclusive interviews and all the latest news.

American Football, Thorne-Griffith: “We will win convincingly”

Swindon Storm coach and captain Aylwin Thorne-Griffith talks to Your Sport Swindon’s Craig Punfield about the upcoming American Football campaign. Click the video below to find out why Thorne-Griffith believes his side will beat Sunday opponents Jurassic Coast Raptors. The Storm star also reveals the changes that new coach Coling

VIDEO: Lee Hobbis ‘excited’ for debut American Football season

Swindon Storm’s Lee Hobbis talk to Your Sport Swindon’s Craig Punfield about his first ever American Football season. Click the video below to watch the interview. Hobbis reveals why he first took up the sport and how it has gone so far. Storm’s season gets underway on Sunday 10th April

VIDEO: Branagh on open training session and season ahead

Swindon Storm head coach Colin Branagh talks to Your Sport Swindon’s Craig Punfield about last night’s open training session. Branagh also reveals how preparations are going with the campaign getting underway on April 10th. Watch the video below for the full interview. With over 30 years of coaching experience, Branagh was

Swindon Storm search for new recruits

Swindon Storm American Football Club are looking for potential new players to attend their “meet the team” taster session on Monday night.

GB star Polly grabs European silver

Swindon-based American Footballer Polly Drew talks to Your Sport Swindon after she picked up a silver medal at the Women’s European Championships.

GALLERY: Swindon Storm v Bristol

View our picture gallery from Swindon Storm’s match against Bristol Apache at the weekend, taken by Your Sport Swindon photographer James Booth.