About Us

Never before has anyone covered local sport in Swindon like we do.

Each week our cameras are pitch side, court side and ring side covering a wide range of Swindon sport.

From basketball and boxing to field hockey and football, we’ve got it covered as our videos and galleries enable our local sports stars to relive their sporting moments over and over again.

All our videos and pictures are available to purchase, enabling everyone to grab a keepsake of their sporting moment at an affordable price.

Our unique and comprehensive coverage has already raised the profile of many sports, sports people and sports clubs in the town, which in turn has seen them attract more awareness, players, fans and sponsors.

Ultimately we believe that our work at Your Sport Swindon will dramatically improve the profile and standard of all sports in the town.

And it’s not just our cameras that capture the action because we invite everyone to send their sporting videos and pictures to us too. Thanks to the Your Media section on the website, there is a platform to showcase everybody’s sporting videos and pictures.

All of our videos, galleries and stories are promoted on social media through our expanding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Our coverage will continue to expand and one day soon we hope to have every single sports person, event and club covered on Your Sport Swindon.